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2017年8月 9日 (水)

He secretly hoped that it would

like his predecessor Redtooth, Cheesethief was ambitious. He interpreted Cluny's order as the much-coveted promotion to second-in-command. The Chief had not even acknowledged Darkclaw. In his elation, Cheesethief even forgot the painful hornet stings. He strutted about asserting his new-found authority.

"Darkclaw, send those ferrets out for more dock leaves, will you?" he ordered. "Oh, and see that no one else strays loo far. I'll be in the tent if you need me for anything, but try not to disturb me."

Darkclaw scowled resentfully. Nevertheless he carried out die orders. If he didn't, he was certain that Cheesethief would report him to Cluny for insubordination.

Cheesethief swaggered into the tent and glanced around. Cluny had left the better part of a wood pigeon, some cheese, and there was still a handsome measure of the best St. Ninian barley wine in the Chiefs canteen.

Cheesethief tucked in with satisfaction. Redtooth used to, so why not he? It was his entitlement as Cluny's second-in-command. He sprawled languidly in the Warlord's chair, tilting it and resting his feet on the map-strewn camp table, happy in the knowledge that his destiny was being fulfilled.  start raining heavily, then the rest of the army would recognize his exalted position when they were outside getting soaked, while he was snug and dry inside the tent.

Cheesethief tried studying the maps. He could not make head or tail of them and soon grew restless.

There was Cluny's poisoned tail-barb which he wore in battle. Careful not to pierce his claws by accident, he fitted it to his own tail. Next he draped the Warlord's cloak about him. It was a bit long, but what a dashing figure he must cut. For a while he contemplated die massive war helmet. Peeping around the tent flap he checked that there was no sign of the

Chief returning. Good! Cluny would probably be gone for another hour or two yet.

The Joseph Bell tolled for mid-afternoon.

Constance shook the beaver into wakefulness.

"Look, what a golden opportunity! There's the Scourge himself, all dressed up to kill. We'll never get another chance like this."

The giant bow worked perfectly. Cheesethiefs latest promotion was swift but brief. He never knew what it was that snuffed his life out!

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